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Luã Freitas - Live Session Open Mind (2021)

Mix & Master

Laura Souguellis - Além (Em Meio à Multidão)  (2022)


Kleuder Leão - Live Session (2022)

Mix & Master

PIBB Music - Tu Mereces Tudo  (2022)





I started my career in music at the age of 10 learning to play guitar. I always had a dream to be a great guitar player and I started taking guitar lessons with a teacher when I was 14 years old.

Within the contents he taught me, there was a module on notions of music production. In this content, we recorded a cover of the Guns n Roses song "Patience".

With this recording, I fell in love with music production and began to study tirelessly and take several courses.

After that, I set up a small home studio and started making small productions.

A few years passed and I took a step back from the guitar and specialized in mixing and mastering.

I love translating the aesthetics idealized by the producers into audio and creating the movement that the music needs.

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Sobre Mim

Principais Ferramentas de Trabalho


  • Neumann KH 120A

  • Sennheiser HD650

  • Neumann NDH20

Computer & Gadgets

  • Mac Studio (2022) - M1Max 32GB RAM

  • Apogee Symphony Desktop

Main Plugins 

  • Soundtoys 5

  • Fabfilter FX Bundle

  • Plugin Alliance MEGA Bundle

  • Slate Digital All Acess Pass

  • iZotope Music Production Suite Pro 

  • Waves

  • Melodyne

  • Steven Slate Trigger 2Process Audio Decibel

Main Courses

  • Mix With the Masters - lessons from Chris Lord-Alge, Tony Masserati, Andrew Scheps

  • Close Friends - Pedro Peixoto

  • Pure Mix



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